John O'Brien & Co

Our services

We specialise in the UK tax affairs of individuals generally and our work most often falls within the following categories:

• The preparation of self-assessment tax returns.
• General personal tax compliance.
• Making maximum use of available allowances and reliefs.
• Income tax efficiency reviews and planning.
• Checking and correcting HMRC calculations.
• Preparing reports of undeclared income and gains.
• Dealing with HMRC enquiries.
• Capital gains calculations, advice and planning.
• The UK taxation of expatriates.
• Double taxation relief claims.
• The taxation of investment portfolios.
• The taxation of income from property letting businesses.
• The taxation of estates in administration.
• The taxation of trusts.

Among the individuals for whom we act are many who fall within the following categories:

• Medical professionals.
• Education professionals.
• Other professionals.
• Musicians.
• Authors.
• Artists.
• Commercial divers.
• Seafarers.
• Forces personnel.
• Technical consultants.
• Company directors.
• Retired individuals.
• Construction industry subcontractors.
• Other trades.